Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We HEART Cuppies

Besides baking for your loved one on Valentine's Day, why not ordering it online at our most recommended blogshops. *Wink* Sounds good right!  Below are four blogshops that are specialized in baking, especially cupcakes *yummy*.  Why we chose these three blogshops? Because we already tasted it, besides their cuppies are yummy and pretty, their prices are affordable.  Here goes...

Pink theme for pink lovers

Something unique for a girlfriend/wifey/fiancee

Leaoven's location Map
Daalia Abdul, is the name of the blogshop's owner.  She's a mother and ventured her interest in baking into business.  We started to know her from her blog, before she converted it to .com.  She's very bubbly and strictly profesional when taking orders and requests from her customers. Besides doing business, she's also coaching baking classes for whom who are interested to learn how to bake. Any question, orders and requests, she can be reach at :

Sweet for HIM

Almost everything
The Cookie Cat

We loved The Cookie Cat's Cafe at Subang Jaya.  The ambience is very nice, peaceful and delicious, definitely.  You can smell the lovely aroma of cakes, cookies and icings from the time you opened the door. *sigh*  Forgets about your diet because the temptation of biting those delicious cupcakes is simply irresistable.  The price, wooo...don't ask because for the tasty treats like those at The Cookie Cat, it's priceless, really.  But, to be frank, it is affordable.  You can find them at Casa Tiara, Subang Jaya, or they can be reach at : or, you can follow them at Twitter , thecookiecat.

Lovey Dovey

Golfing, He Loves

Love Bugs
Kak Mar, our favourite sista...We're in love with her tarts *yummy*, and also cupcakes.  She can actually take orders by SMSes, and delivers at your doorsteps, but if only you're living in Shah Alam...*wink*  The mother of two, a career woman, but still can considering to locate her time on baking business.  Yeah, why wate talent right?  She can be reach at :

There you go beauties.  Three blogshops that can considere your orders to surprised your loved one this February.  Probably you can try to customised the design of the cuppies to be more sexy and alluring, just to be different on Valentine's Day...*woooo*


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