Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mom, I'm allergic to milk!

Milk plays a very important role to help meet the nutritional needs of children in order to support the ability of the brain and body resistance.  Thru time, in time of growing up stages, milk can never be separated to be one of the important beverage in a child's life.

However, unfortunately in children or infants who are sensitive to cow's milk protein components or the manufacturing process,  the allergic to the milk can not be avoided.  Cow's milk allergy occurs when the child's immune reaction against the proteins in cow's milk, which is supported also by the incomplete condition of the digestive tract of the child to break down protein properly.

Even in children who are hypersensitive, these proteins can trigger the formation of antibodies Immunoglobin E (IgE) that can cause a variety of allergic reactions in the body.  Although the symptoms of cow's milk allergy in children is often not realized by the parents, because the symptoms can appear within the next few days.

However there are some special characteristics that indicate if a child stricken with allergies, including embership skin redness, itching arise in the body, swelling and eczema. Allergies also can disrupt the digestive tract that cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and can interfere with breathing with signs of cough and colds, to shortness of breath or asthma.

Along with age of children, common allergy can disappear on its own, but there are also, in some cases, allergies may persist until the child grow older.  But, no worries momsie, because cow's milk allergy can be treated by replacing cow's milk formula with milk made ​​from soy protein isolate. Just like cow's milk, soy isolate formula is able to provide the nutrients needed for the body of you little ones.

In addition, some advantages to be gained from this cow's milk substitute, which did not contain cow's milk protein-containing components of the protein allergens, nutritional adequacy is equivalent to cow's milk, tastes better and the children can favaouritise the milk better, free of lactose and more rarely cause allergies compared to other foods.

So, do not worry if your kids can't accept cow's milk, theres always an option to it.  Take care moms!


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