Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dressing Kids On Budget

It's pretty hard to find clothing for your kiddies especially for boys at a good price. For sure all of us, want our kids to look adorable but is it necessary to spent a lot on it? 
Kids getting grow of quickly and spending much on their clothes is a bit waste while your money can be spent on other things.

A good idea is that :

1. Branded item look good on kids but buying clothes on sale is much more savvy. You gonna miss few months or perhaps few years outdated fashion but nobody particular about that.
2. Buy your kids clothes one size bigger than their age, then you can save for other coming year. 
3. Make it separate, play and nice clothing. Daily wear is much more easier to ruin but taking care of nice clothing (only for outing) so that it can last longer. The good thing is you could pass it to you younger one.
4. Some parents, do not buy pajamas for kiddies but they re-used play clothing as a pajamas. So, it means less spending and storage for your kiddies.
5. Definitely buy 1 inch longer trousers or jeans to assure they can wear it for another one or two years.
6. Buy online to really check on nice and cheaper clothes.

Happy shopping!


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