Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Week Menu For Your Kiddies

Providing menu for your kiddies for the whole week?  Make it easy by writing a schedule and paste on your refrigerator. Serve your kid for the whole week with the menu written. Select and shop only the best for the menu you have written down. 

Not to forget, you must be creative enough to put a decoration on each menu! 

Breakfast :Two bread & Milo
Morning Snack : Water Melon & Warm Water
Lunch :Fish drilled & broccoli & salad
Evening Snack : Apple
Dinner : A cup of mushroom soup & toast bread

Breakfast :Macaroni & Tea
Morning Snack : Biscuit & Milk
Lunch : Baked Chicken & rice
Evening Snack : A cup of corn & juice
Dinner : Steam Fish & dessert

Wednesday : 
Breakfast : Cream Cheese Pasta
Morning  Banana & Ice-Cream
Lunch : Fishball soup & rice
Dinner : Pancake with peanut butter & juice

Thursday :
Breakfast : Sausage bun & milk
Morning Snack :Pizza & Cheese Tuna
Lunch : Pie 
Dinner : Cheese macaroni with beef barbeque

Friday :
Breakfast : Bread with Red Bean & Egg
Morning Snack : Kismis & Kurma
Lunch : Chicken Pouridge
Dinner :  Quiche / Cocktail

Saturday :
Breakfast : Sandwich
Morning Snack : Chicken Drumstick
Lunch :  Crab & fried rice
Dinner : Coleslaw & Baked Potato


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