Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Tips For Back To School Expenses

More Tips For Back To School Expenses. Tips You Wont Miss!

1 - Buy bundle item (bundles of copybooks, pens, notebooks). Buy bulking with family, friends, or neighbour can bring the cost down further.
2 - Try to check if you have any siblings or children's friend who work at stationary shop to get special prize
3 - Always buy an item during offers but please always check on the quality and worth buy
4 - Check out any promotions or giving away free products by any companies. Stay alert by buying newspaper everyday!
5 - Buy uniform from good quality so it can last long at least for the whole year
6 - Buy a size bigger
7 - Buy second hand item in internet
8 - Prepare water bottles for children
9 - Prepare lunchbox for your kids cheaper than buying it at cafetaria and cook after work or early in a morning!
10 - Planning families weekly menu before you do the shopping can save lots of waste unused food
11- Cut out your lunch and clothing expenses just to focus on your love ones


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