Saturday, December 8, 2012

Celeb Hair For Holiday

Celebrity Hair For Holiday

Get a younger and sweet look for him to prevent him having a second thought on you after long time marriage. A mother of two, three or four but still look gorgeous.

If you are not married, assure your style will make him wanted to propose you! All the best ladies.

Simple pony tail and a bit curl

Messy look but still sweet

 Blow it, and have curl at the hair end

Tight up and curl like pony tail

Bun and bring it at one side

 To get this hair, blow straight and put a mousse
at hair end and bring it forward

Bun bring it to the back, and get the straight forward

 Perfect style for long hair

 Choose the right clip ... & remember ur young age ...

 For short hair, get a clip by bring ur hair at the back

 Simple practical for sweet dinner

Nice and sweet for romantic night!

After long exposure to the sun, bun it

Sweet, sweet for dinner


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