Thursday, March 3, 2011! (Part 1)

Hello beauties! 
March issue is definitely, fully about your feet.  Whether beauty products, shoes, socks or any tips at all, focus to your feet.  For a start, we have chose three blogshops.  They sell not only footwear but also bags, and a little bit of everything.  Okay, let's shop!


We're so in love with Oxford shoes and also heels, because in Vanity Mask they offered a lot on feminine type of shoes.  And a little bit of english taste.  The price, it's affordable, maybe for some of you, it's quite pricey...but, some of the shoes offer are something that's hard for you to get it here.  Exclusive!

See what we meant?  It's just pretty right?
Okay, how to order?
Beauties, you can email your inquiries or orders to :
Or you can call this number : 0193152400/019-3102400
Good news, they accept credit cards! =)


Their price is cheap, and you can buy more than 1 pair.  Good news beauties, they're having a sale from the 1st-30th March! Yeay! Price markdown...come on, fast!  Visit their blog now!  Their shoes are all very simple, easy to wear everyday and the colours are also easy to match.

Wants to order?  Okay, you can email your order to them :
Come on, the price is simply irresistable! =)


Wow...we really love this blog!  We highlighted their wedges because it's very stylo.  The nam of the blogshop is Eileen Goh.  I'm sure she has a very good fashion taste.  Besides shoes, Arrogant Minnie Preorder also have the their lines of handbags...

Nice's really money cravings! =)
Okay, you can place your orders by email it to :
Or, you can sms her : 012-9837341


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