Friday, March 4, 2011

Shoes Lovers!!!

You're mad about shoes? No worries. As long as you can afford it, why not? Some women love to buy expensive shoes, well it depends on your budget and financial ability. Most expensive shoes can last long and comfortable to your feet. But for those cheap shoes lovers, you can buy any shoes that you like, but remember don’t buy shoes that doesn't suit with your appearance. The most dangerous part is when you're addicted on shoes but never have the intention to wear it.

How to avoid that situation? Here are some tips on how to buy shoes every time you start to feel hungry for a new one.

1. Find a suitable shoes by understanding your size because sometimes sizes are different among shoe brands and styles.

2. Pick the one according to your foot shape. Some have bigger shape on the fingers part. It shows you cannot wear small or mountain shape shoes. You must find shoes that can cover your front feet.

3. Buy stiletto shoes only if you are party people or dinner lovers. If not, don’t waste money on stiletto but spent on flat or wedges or pump shoes.

4. Buy wedges or heels, if you want to look tall but not everybody love heels.

5. If you wear flatties, sandals or shoes below than two inches, don’t wear it for with a too long pants or dress. It will make you look horrible.

6. Wear skirt or short pants, do not wear more than three inches heel. It won’t match your appearance.

7. Put few colors on your choices. Black, brown or white is too common and a bit too bored. Colors will make you look cheerful and happy. Furthermore it will lighten your mood.

8. Find shoes with light weight. It won’t hurt your legs if you plan to wear it for long hours.

9. If you buy shoes online, make sure you try similar shoes at the nearest shop before you make any decision and buying online assure that they offers free return shipping so that if you need to exchange, this won't pose a problem. You can choose your favourite shoes over the internet.

10. Walk around for  few minutes on different surface to ensure the shoes is really good for you.

Some tips for you beauties...comfortable is everything and looks come second...=)


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