Saturday, April 30, 2011

Artis dan Tudung

Bergaya Stail Artis @ Bergaya Stail Anda

Tudung Yuna, Tudung Siti, Tudung Irma, Tudung Wardina, Tudung Aida, Tudung Noryn

Versatile...jom tengok cara artis di Malaysia mengenakan tudung. Yuna with her own style, Irma a bit tradition but still look sweet, Siti with her Selendang, Noryn covered her hair nicely, Aida the gorgeous...

It's always Yuna that has the most attraction towards modern tudung wearing technics. The evolution creates by her via her beloved designer, Hana Tajima has created so much changes to Hijab's Muslimah wear.
Let's view her style. Scarf similar like African and completed with neck covered by pashmina. It's cool and trendy. But whatever it is, anybody could wear those Yuna style, it is just the matter of comfirt and the most important thing, it must suits and represent you. 

Let's take a look, other artists way of wearing tudung. They still look good in their own way. Memakai tudung tidak semestinya tidak trendy. The populars proved it.

 evolusi tudung yuna
Yuna with African scarf style

Evolusi Tudung Yuna - Limau Ais (3)

Combination anak tudung and shawl

Evolusi Tudung Yuna - Limau Ais (4)

Yuna with Hana Tajima

Evolusi Tudung Yuna - Limau Ais (11)

Was it something cool to try?

Gorgeous by Soprano Artist, Noryn Aziz...

Simple but ....


Aida Rahim, elegant

irma hasmie dan wardina bertudung

Irma Hasmi, manis bertudung di samping Wardina

Siti, with her own style

Always cute with Selendang

Well, the choice is always yours...


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