Monday, May 2, 2011

One stop online store!

This is one website that make us very eager to promote.  It's a mother-daughters business, whereby in one website, you can have it all.  From babies/kids wear, adults wear, weddings, cupcake's workshop and FOOD! Oh yes...(we're always excited about food..=))

Puan Hamidah, Jaja, Eira & Fie..they make a good family business team.  Everybody caters what's they mastered on.  Puan Hamidah, she's great with handcrafts and weddings, Jaja, like she says, I'm the brain...and Eira & Fie, both of them have something valuable to offer in the business as well.

What we would like to promote is on babies &, first of all, Chantek Moleq's team offer great ideas on kid's parties.  Yes, birthdays, cukur jambul, aqeqah etc...just name it, they can think how to do it for YOU.

 Petite, we just love to see all those cute rompers, blankets and also newborn hampers.  It will surely make you irressistably tempted.  And the price, wow...amazing!  All of you can well afford it, beauties!

What else, what else...we're also tempted to see all those delicious looking cakes, chocolates & cookies.  Suitable for momsies who are planning to do birthday parties, baby showers or maybe just a get together tea party for friends & family.

Don't waste your precious time and shop!


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