Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blogshops PART 1

Hello beauties!  Yes, this April, beauty Stories will bring you a lot of infos about hijabs, it's trend and fashion's not only in Malaysia but also everywhere in the world.  Hijabs are something very special indeed, as the way people wear hijabs, it's so unique for each's never the same, and now the trend that people love to wear arabic style of hijabs and fashions. 

Okay, for this part one, we will introduced you this two blogshops.  Both are very special in it's own way.  Both also have it's own followers.

We must say that this is one of our favourite blog.  It sells beautiful instant hijabs, it never fails to follow or set a trend...and we must say that we admired on the beautiful website that Riqa has.  This is a website that all muslimah should visit and shop, definitely!  It's price is affordable...and they always cater good discounts and offers, that's certainly irresistable.  Yes, you got that right, you cam't stop looking and buying!

Just click at link above and start shopping!

Nazira Noran is the name of the owner.  She's a very nice lady, pretty and also a deejay at Bernama.FM.  Okay, she sells Tudung Bawal Satu and a lot, a lot of stuffs as well.  Besides tudung, she's also sells jubah, abaya and muslimah dresses.  Her price, very cheap!  Who said Tudung Bawal is out of style, nah....Nazira proves it wrong because she sells not only tudung bawal Malaysian style but also from Indonesia.

Click the link and you see what we meant!  Happy shopping!

See you beauties in our next post!


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