Monday, April 11, 2011

Blogshops Part 2

Okay, satisfied with all the blogshops in part 1?  Now, we will introduced you four popular blogshops that sell not only good quality shawls, tudung and instant hijabs, they also sell hijab pins and clothing.  Getting excited, okay, here goes!

Colourful shawls...yes, it is.  And what we love about this triplets (the blog owners), they always created creative themes just to promote new upcoming designs.  Lovely.  And their price is also lovely!  Come, let's shop!

Yes, she's pretty....very pretty, indeed! And her collections are all irresistable...her price, is also lovely!  We just love the way she styled her hijabs, she's just so creative, stylo and very up to date.  Just click on her blog and you know what we meant!

We know Deeshawalin Pakhalan when she still with KKSB, working as a graphic designer.  From far, we always admired her style and creativity.  De Zahra Fashion, created by deesawallen and Norin Shiza Ahmad. they are friends and partners in dezahra fashion and design. When she and her partners created De Zahra Fashion, we know that they will steal the attention.  And, they succeed.  Congrats!  You will just loves their creations, the colours are very pastel and sweet!  The price is very reasonable for good quality hijabs.

Yes, u go girl! That's what we always wanted to say about this girl.  She's very 'loud' in her fashion styles...she's not only sells hijabs, but also hijab pins.  Just click on her blog and you will be very impressed in her pins.  Very cute, adorable and cheap too!  She's also sells unique hijabs, like the one you see here.  yes, very unique!  Dare to try?


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