Sunday, May 8, 2011

Getting Good Food For Kiddies

For most parents, giving children healthy food and eat according to schedule, is the most though thing to do. For children they like to eat delicious and well presentation food. At that age, children not knowing which food are good to take and which food they should avoid. It's parents responsibility to thought them what and not to eat.

Here are some simple tips to get your kids eat healthy food and eat on schedule : 

1. Mengawal stok makanan. Yang ini termasuk menulis senarai-senarai makanan yang perlu dibeli terlebih dahulu sebelum shopping dan makanan yang perlu dibeli haruslah mengandungi nutrien dan khasiat yang mencukupi untuk anak-anak.

2. Provide special menu at least once a week. Ini untuk mengelakkan kanak-kanak merasa jemu dengan hidangan makanan yang sama setiap minggu.

3.  Avoid the clean-plate club. The clean-plate rule will make children were forced to eat and they wont like the feeling of fullness, they are less likely to overeat.

4. Give variety food. Food preference are develop early in childhood. You may need to serve food in many different occation. For each new menu, dont force children to eat, but offer bite to bite.

5. Avoid soda and sweetened drink especially juice. Plain water and milk are always the best for your children.

6. When outing, or having lunch/dinner outside, let the children choose the menu. They will notice that, there are a lot of food outside they could try and they might like the food chosen.

7. Always avoid junkfood. Junkfood is never good for your kiddies. If they insist, provide them with at least chips potato. During meal time, always have healthy food in your refigerator, fruits, cookies, kismis.

8. Dont promise food as a present for kids. This will make them thought that food is the best way to cope with stress or other emotions.

9. Be a good example and role model for your children. Parents should eat healthy food, and children will definitely follow.

10. Do not offer dessert as a main course. Usually, keep it at different place first before offering them. Let them have brocolli first instead of smiling with the dessert.

11. Discpline is always the first matter of everything. Get your children to eat at time and asked them to sit properly instead of play around. At least let them concentrate on eating for 15-25 minutes.  


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