Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to really save? Tips for new parents =)

Hello all.

Having a baby nowadays is not that easy.  Everything seems to be in need, that will include bottles warmer. Now they have breastfeeding clothing, cloth diapers, knee band (for babies that started crawling) etc...It seems like we must get everything and that everything cost us thousands of ringgit.  Right?  Okay here are some tips for new parents, at least, to save money on buying things that are not neccesarily important.
  • Don't BUY a lot of baju and pants.  Just buy basic wear, like few whites or neutral colour suits, pyjamas, socks and a lot of small towels.  People will give you sets of baby's wear gifts when they come to visit you & baby and you will end up with tons of 'don't know when to-wear baju'.
  • Invest on good quality breast pump, baby bottles and baby cot.  Bottle warmers, playpen and infant stroller & carseat are not worth buying. WHY? Playpen will only last you about 6 months, depending on your baby's weight.  And for how long that your baby can stand 'living' in a playpen?  Buy stroller and carseat that caters from infant to toddler.
  • Disposable diapers, you don't need a popular brand for your newborns.  WHY?  Newborns always poopoo and weewee a lot, especially if they're breastfeed babies.  Sometimes you have to changed them hourly, 2 hours once or 6-7 times a day, maybe more.  So, do you think you need a RM50 set of newborn disposable diapers?
  • Try to breastfeed your baby as much as possible during confinement, you will save a lot on formulas.  New mothers, during confinement, drink a lot of breastfeed milk or even fresh milk to stimulate more milk production.  Pump your milk hourly, and if you want to save some milk stocks, try to pump late at night or early morning (3am-5am), during that time, milk production is very active.
  • Bath time you really need a RM100 basinette, or baby's basin.  Bath time only will take you at least 10-15 minutes.  So, having a RM100 basin won't reduce your time.
  • Baby stimulation DVDs or flash cards? Nah...don't be dependable on those things when you're the one who should stimulates your baby.  Talks, sings and loves your baby, that will stimulate them well.
Need more parenting tips, stay tune with us in the next chapter! Bye!


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thanks! really like the tips ^^

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