Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kid's Spa : Serious?

Well, kids nowadays, there are more advanced in almost anything, that will include having a destress day at a spa! Yes, its not a joke.  We started to spot this trend when we're covering an official launch of Kid's Spa at Euro Sense Hub, Setiawangsa.  We're really amazed of the decorations, concept...and surely, it's every girl dreams to have such stuff in their own bedroom.  Pink, white, furry, baloons, heart's very nice.

Okay, back to fully Kid's Spa at Solaris, Mont Kiara, Kuala, we must say that it's very nicely decorated.  If we're still kids, yes...this will be a weekly hangout place with momsie!  Feffy's Kids Spa, the name, and the owners are Puan Yatie Adenan and Hana Adnan Sinclair.  I'm sure, this is what they want as kids, and the realized it into reality...and the kids, especially the girls are very excited about it!

We think, perhaps, once a month, you can just spend a lil' time with your daughter(s), take it as girls day out.  Plan with other parents (preferable your kids clan) and they'll have a blast time there.  Just look at the decorations, simply irresistable.

Their services :
Feffy's Fancy Fingers Let us shape, file, massage, buff & polish her nails while she relaxes in one of our little canopies ….RM20Feffy's Spa ManicureOr indulge in this which includes Fancy Fingers but with an added twist of a scrumptious hand scrub and hand mask! ………..RM40*Hip Hairdo*Why not let her go for a change of style with a braid, updo or twist….at RM15*Feffy's many facial packages*Learn basic skin care, then indulge in a gentle cleanser, then an all-natural, beautifying facial mask and a facial massage too! ….. starts from RM65 *Feffy's Fun Feet*We will massage your feet and shape, buff & polish her toenails……RM30
Hair wash & blow……..RM25 -30
Why not include an all natural Hair treatment……… RM45 – RM50
*** You could also throw a spa birthday party right here at Feffy's! Pick our many packages or customize your very own!
(Taken from Feffy's website)

Well's best to have good quality time with your darlings and you will create strong bonding with each other.  Have fun!


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