Thursday, May 5, 2011

I want to buy it all...=)

It's like love at first sight when we discovered about this popular online shop specialised in babies & kids apparel and also toys.  The founder of this online shop are new parents, which found difficulties in juggling their career and also shop for their loved ones.  Yes, they're not alone, because rather then we spend a lot of our time shopping and finding all sorts of good, affordable yet stylish things for our kids, those precious time could actually be family time instead.

The price range, yes they claimed it's hard-to-beat prices.  Yes, they're not lying.  That's the first thing that parents would be concerned when it comes to paying, buying and choosing items for their kids.  Branded items, well quality stuff and authentic online stuff are hard to recognised.  We want good things for our kids but we have to pay more.  Urban Kids proved it wrong.

Those adorable hair clips only cost you not more than RM10.  It's simply irresistable and if you don't have a daughter, you can always buy it as a gift.
Doomagic Bag- RM29.00

And so many more....huh....we're counting every pieces of money left after browsing the pages...too many pretty things for babies, boys and girls...=)



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