Monday, January 7, 2013

Secret On Reduce Weight

Secret or Reality?

Secret is not really a secret but do you notice beauties, to actually reduce weight, a very hard way but efficient to do is 'exercise'. Other than you get your slimmer bodies back, you are also bless with a good health.

To support your hardest exercise activities as ruitine to do, here a simple but also a difficult tip to follow for someone :

1) Drink lots of mineral water. Y? because mineral makes your metabolism faster and it actually flush away a bad toxic from  food that we took everyday. Ia juga memudahkan sistem pelawasan setiap hari.
2) Avoid carbohidrat yang banyak seperti nasi dan roti.

 3) Some goes to slimmer center, it is good for those who discipline enough. You can try your luck.
4) People say, your junk food between meals is only fruits and cookies
5) Memakai gurdle is one of effective ways to get figure glass look. We got friend who wear good quality gurdle and she maintain her look like 20 years ago...............y not? Gurdle yang baik adalah daripada jenama Beautiful, Cosry dan Splandex
6) By walking walking walking at least 30 minutes a day and stairs climbing to firm your muscle.
7) Aerobic or dancing twice a week is a good and interesting hobbies to follow. Yoga sebelum ia menjadi isu adalah 'rahsia' pengekalan berat badan yang unik.
8) Lakukan senaman di atas katil sebaik bangun dari tidur dengan sit-up dan senama kaki ibarat mengayuh basikal ke atas (trust us this is a really good way to reduce your bump)
9) Do not take heavy meal at night of course
10)And for married couples, sex is the best way to get a good body shape.

All the best beauties!


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