Thursday, February 10, 2011

In fault but not failures...

Hey beauties, people said or your boss would say or they said : 
"You are not a good boss!"
"Your have no brain!"
"You are not a good employee!"
"You are not creative!"
"You are a bad example!"
"Your project is a failure!"

Owh... a very bad day.. What would you do preeties???
No...No.... Don't blame others, except to blame yourself.
How could it be? It's hurt, but yes it is true.

Check this out :
If you are involved in something that goes wrong, never blame others. Blame no one but yourself.
If you have touched something, accept total responsibility for that piece of work.
If you accept responsibility, you are in a position to do something about it.
Here are some common excuses for failure :
1) It was a terrible brief
2) I need a better partner
3) There wasn't enough money to do it properly
4) The director didn't listen to me
5) I was too busy on other projects
6) I wasn't given enough time
7) The client took out the best ideas

Most of these grievances are everyday on every job. That won't change.

The point is that, whatever other people's failings might be, you are the one to shoulder the responsibility.

There are no excuses. So ladies........ Please dont blame others, but only to blame yourself! It's hard, urmmsss... but it helps.

(sources : secret!)


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