Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Once, we heard that wearing high heels or stiletto can actually brings danger to women, especially for their posture and the health of their feet.  And a lot of us, turning to flat shoes or ballerina pumps, just to be healthy.  But, otherwise happened when actually, flat shoes are even dangerous to women.  Foot specialist doctors and even encouraged  women to wear high heels rather than flat shoes. 
Flat shoes here includes all footwear that does not have treads, such as ballet pumps, sandals and others. Although it’s comfortable, flat shoes can cause various injuries to  legs, pain in calf bones, back pain and even arthritis.
Flat shoes are damaging our bodies in several ways. First, they can cause people to drag their foot, instead of walking, which consequently can damage your posture. If you wear ballet pumps for a long time, the back of your shoe will drop, so you seemed like you’re wearing sandals. Walking uphill or running with flat shoes can lead to trouble, because, lack of support will make your calf bone sore.
This is just an extra information for those who can’t live without their heels, women who wear high heels from 3-5cm enjoy sex better than those who do not. Apparently, heels improve pelvic floor muscles that can create extraordinary climax. Wow wow weee....=)
Tips for a healthier foot:
 * Watch your weight. Obesity causes increased load on the legs.
 * Vary your high heels, but choose high heels as high as two-three inches for everyday use.
 * Barefoot at home.
 * If you would like to walk to work to get all sports, wear sport shoes, rather than flat shoes.Well, from now on, try varying your shoes choice. Your appearance can always be fresh and your legs even more healthy!


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