Saturday, March 26, 2011

Skip skip away!

Skipping or jumping rope is a common exercise done by various circles. This type of requires only a rope. Skipping is also very beneficial for the formation of your healthy body! Try ir ladies, because it's easy, fun and non expensive!

Sports using a rope usually is to move every muscle in your body.  That's the main concern. That's why skipping is believed to burn fat and shape your body to become leaner and ideal.  Easy huh? Why wait, let's try it now!

 How to do it, it’s too easy. Every time there is quiet time, skips wherever you want with doing movement like jumps as much as 30 times then rest for 30 seconds. Give time for your heart rate to return to normal and then do again, repeat the same movements at least 3 rounds.

For speed, do it gradually. The more you jump, The more sweats and fats u burn.  But upon entering the twentieth jump, slowed down your routine so that you can set the heart rate but to it's normal circumstances.

 Easy to do, good luck.


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