Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feel like partying?

Yes, yes, it's party time.  Kids can never be separated with fun parties.  And we mean it as parents always have their own ways of celebrating their loved ones birthdays, baby showers etc...there's always million ways of celebrating, and there will never the wrong & right of doing it!

Party Shop
The shop is situated at Wangsa Baiduri, Subang Boulevard, Subang Jaya.  The business contains more than party stuff, it also provides party consultations.  And the best thing is, you can also buys the party stuff online! Yeay!

You love birthdays, this is the right place for you as Party Shop also providing membership for Birthday Club.  Members will enjoy great benefits and discounts.  You don't stop at one birthday only, but there will be a lot of celebrations going in the future. 

Party Shop Services are all yours when you need to consult them about parties, stuff and when you're lack of ideas.  Normaria, Adel & Amirah are ever ready to entertain you!


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