Monday, May 2, 2011

Lil' angels's heaven...=)

Like what you see?  Yes, I know.  For momsies who share great taste accesories and clothings with their little girls, they would surely love this blogshop.  The owner is Sobby, a mother to one darling baby boy, Faris or she called him, Lil' Choms when he was still in her cute!

This blog caters handmade accessories to those who loved exclusive made, only one design accessories.  Not only for yourself, but also to your loved ones as a gift.  Charming isn't it?

Click at the link above, and experience a lovely site with colourful accessories, beads and all sorts of designs, that you'll surely love!  No worries about the price, because the range between RM5-RM50 is quite cheap for handmade stuff, right?  If you need to inquire about anything, just email to :

We love this bookmark, great as a gift to your little angels to stimulate reading habit! 

Come, let's shop beauties!


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