Friday, June 10, 2011

Lipstick : Mana satu pilihanMU!

Lipstick is a cosmetic tool that can very quickly change the appearance of a person's face. Just a few seconds only, the face that was once pale, can be transformed into more bright and shiny with just applying lipstick. In addition, the lipstick is also one of the mainstay cosmetics tool that almost certainly exist in every woman's purse.

 Nevertheless, lipstick also have various types, where each of it  has its own function to give a different impression on the wearer.

Matte lipstick has a dry texture that will cause effects without luster. This type is suitable to make lips look fuller.

Lipstick containing granules that has sparkle effects.  It will sparks with radiance once it hit the spotlight or reflected by the light.

Almost the same with glitter, the effect is like sand, and if exposed or reflected light will form a tighter lip sparkle.

This type of moisturizing lipstick that will help keep your lips moist. In addition, the shiny effect on the lips.

Just like a sheer and moisturizing, creamy also contain moisturizer. But it does not have the polish effect, but also did not make the lips look dry.


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