Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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Hi beauties.  Capturing beautiful moments with our loved ones, especially to make a little scrappy book from the day they're born til the day they got married, are every moms dreams.  Nowadays, photography sessions does not restricted to only capturing weddings, engagements and adults bashes, but also, photographers who specializes in newborns, babies, toddlers & kids photography are also popular.  Below are 3 lovely moms who does more than being a mother who love to capture great moments with their dearies, but also to share their talents and interest with all momsies who wanted to keep the moments alive thru time.

KL Photo Award finalist Milin Kassim is a natural light portrait photographer. She specializes in babies, children and family. Contemporary in her approach, Milin strives to capture memorable, heartfelt images of childhood. And with thoughtful attention for details, she pushes further to post-process those images into artistic portraits that she hopes will tug the hearts of families for generations.
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Contact Milin Kassim if you are interested to test on her talent.  She's one of our favourite!  We just love to see all the captured moments and edited in the simplest way!

Ros, is a mother who is in love with photography ever since she was 13 years old.  When she got her baby, Izzah, she captured every moment with her little camera and suddenly the thought of making the hobby and interest into business.  She learnt photography via video website  We just love the way she creativitize all the photos...

You can browse her website and leave your inquiries to her, she will certainly answer it all. 

But first of all, let me introduce myself. My name is ZUBYE, a mother who is having an obsession towards my one & only son (so far), to the extend I will portray all his acts/movements/laughters everyday, caught from the eyes of my Gracey (the name that I've given to my very attached camera.. hehehe).

Now my obsession has become a part of me, it gives me more passion to formed "Eyes of Grace Photography" where it works as my domain to spill out every emotions in my heart. Why I choose to be a Children photographer? It is simply because I have always love children all my life, even before the time I am yet a mother. There's a time I feel that every moment will only be wasted if it is not captured... because that moment will only come once in a lifetime!!!
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Contact Zubye if you're in love with her work.  It's only a mother knows what's good for their kids...=) A mother's love will make everything around her seems pretty in every ways...

Take care beauties!


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